Isn’t it funny how time gets away from you? There you are, minding your own business, just kind of getting through life and the next thing you know, six months have gone by.

Um, oops. What can I say? I’ve been busy.

So anyway, there’s been all sorts of brouhaha lately because it seems like some people got a little bit confused as to whether they invented a certain term. Now, I’m not going to name names. Far be it from me to call anyone out by name, or sling mud. I won’t even sling compost.

But I do need to say one thing: I am an urban homesteader. Got that? Urban homesteader. I may not be as effective or competent at it as others are, but the fact remains that as I do not live on acreage, and I do garden, can, keep chickens, etc and so forth, well, then I guess I’m an urban homesteader.

Trademark that.