So after the first couple of meetings with the City, they had suggested a possible location for the community garden. A location that pretty much had everything you would not want in a community garden. Or any kind of garden. I could list all that was wrong with it, but that would take too long. So I’ll tell you what was right with it: it was not on fire. Though perhaps I exaggerate just a little.

Long story short, another alternative was found, and here it is. It’s got a few problems — the fact that it’s a former industrial storage site being one of them — but it has a lot of things right. It has bathrooms. It has parking. It’s on a bus line. And of course, it also is not on fire. As for the possible soil contamination, that can be dealt with. Hopefully.

But can you see it? That concrete footer to the left could possibly be a small play area, or possibly a berry patch. I can see the plots laid out, the plants growing. I’d love for there to be some sort of seating area where people can take a break, and storage lockers so that no one has to lug their tools around town. One of the other gardeners suggested that we have a plot specifically for the food bank, to help provide them with fresh vegetables, and I can see that, too. I can see it so clearly, I have to keep reminding myself that it hasn’t actually happened yet.

As I’ve said before, gardeners are nothing but optimism wrapped in dirt. So maybe this project is just an overflowing of (misplaced) optimism. But I really, really hope not.